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5 Clever Hacks for Planning a Holiday Party

The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends. Planning a party is always a fun way to get together with loved ones. But if you’re on a budget, having a great party without breaking the bank can feel hopeless. And the stress can accumulate even more if you don’t have a lot of space to host your soiree in. Not to worry, though, because with these ingenious, financially savvy hacks you can celebrate the holiday season without hurting your wallet.

Natural Holiday Fragrance


Holiday candles make look cheery and festive, but they sure aren’t cheap. Forget the potential fire hazard and make your home smell like the holidays easily by simmering lemon and apple peels, cinnamon sticks, and cloves. You could also simmer vanilla, lemon peels, and rosemary. Whichever blend you choose, your home will surely give off cozy and festive vibes.

Make Large Batch Cocktails


Instead of hiring a bartender to mix cocktails for your guests, make two large batches of alcoholic beverages to serve. Stop by your local liquor store and pick up large sizes of your alcohol of choice. Some great options for mixed drinks include rum, tequila, vodka, and whisky. It’s sensible to make large bowls of classic holiday cocktails, instead of purchasing every alcohol imaginable to fit everyone’s tastes. Also, be sure to have mulled wine available for those looking for a holiday treat but who are less interested in hard liquor. You should also have nonalcoholic options handy like soda and apple cider as well.

No Christmas Tree? No Problem!


Instead of spending a fortune on finding and decorating the perfect tree, opt for a cheaper alternative. This could simply be buying a small, potted Christmas tree. Or you could spray paint a dried tree branch white or silver, decorate it with glitter or lights, and place it in a festive vase.

Another alternative is to spray paint a broken umbrella and decorate it with lights. Plenty of other do-it-yourself holiday decor ideas are available online, like wreaths, centerpieces, and table runners. Turn to Pinterest for some unique DIY home and holiday decor ideas. This is a great way to express your creativity while saving money. You can even get your guests involved in the holiday fun by setting up a DIY craft station at your party.

Impress With The Right Dress


Holiday parties are a time to show off your stylish wardrobe. However, going for a shopping spree could do a number on your wallet during a season where you are already spending so much on parties and presents. Shop final sale and clearance items instead of new arrivals for better bargain deals. You might even be able to find great discounts on petite tops and blouses in select styles.

Browse an online catalog for coupons and limited time offers instead of paying the total purchase price. Skip tees and jeans and opt for a classier, more sophisticated look for your holiday parties. Sweaters are all the rage during the winter season and a skirt-tunic-jacket combination can certainly make a statement. Outlets might be the best place to find a fashionable party dress at a discount.

Set Up a Photo Booth


Photo booths are incredibly popular at major events like weddings. Everyone loves getting their picture taken at parties so why not create your own holiday photo booth? Set up a photo booth for your guests complete with a backdrop and holiday props like stockings, Santa hats, and mistletoe. You can add a printing station and table so your guests can print out their photos and turn them into holiday cards.