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City Guide: The Best of Organic Paris

You’re an environmentally conscious person. You purchase items made from recyclable materials and keep a compost bin in the kitchen to craft DIY fertilizer for the organic flower seeds in your garden. But, picture yourself on a sunny day in Paris. You might imagine walking through a local nursery or setting out to shop at supermarkets and small businesses. When you think of Parisian hospitality, you might dream of pains au chocolat or straight chocolates. But there’s much more to the city of lights than these common imaginings.

Whether you’re spending one big day in the French capital or you’re moving here for the long-term, your experience can be one that’s GMO-free and devoid of artificial flavors and toxic chemicals. You can browse organic flowers and add the scent of Parisian chic to your apartment or hotel room. You can reach for organic loose leaf tea and sip Moroccan mint or English breakfast from your Paris balcony. Or, you can browse stylish French accessories while nibbling on chunks from an authentic, organic Paris baguette. In each of these instances, one quality stays the same: your journey through organic Paris can be eco-friendly and fun while still having great taste.

Du Pain et des Idées

Profiled by the likes of Anthony Bourdain, it’s unsurprising that Du Pain et des Idées is a highlight of organic Paris. Of course, you can pick up a Paris baguette, an absolute staple when making your way through the city’s best eats. But there’s even more to be found at this boulangerie.

The most beloved pastries here are actually the shop’s pain des amis, or “friendship bread.” Yelp reviewer Elaine Travels puts it best, writing, “Baked in a wood fired oven, the smokiness in the crunchy crust and the long slow rise of the yeast makes the texture of the interior mellow, nutty, and slightly chewy. If you love good slow and low smoked BBQ with a smoke ring crust, this will be your paradigm for bread.”

Marché Biologique Raspail

The Marché Biologique Raspail, or Raspail Organic Market, is another city favorite. In fact, this is the largest organic market in France, and one of the largest across Europe! Whether you’re coming from elsewhere in France or distant destinations like the United States or South America, you’ll surely be impressed by this upgrade from your conventional farmers’ market.

Across the stalls of the market, you’ll find all sorts of organic fruit and vegetables from local growers, bouquets of organic flowers, and eco-friendly grocery store alternatives, ranging from bread and pastries to jams and preserves. Pick up some beautiful fair trade flowers for your wedding day or please the butterflies and hummingbirds when you bring home some organic seeds.


Speaking of flowers—of course, we can’t ignore the florists that bring Paris’ organic flowers to life! Each day, florists like those at Désirée, a Paris flower shop, put together one unique floral design after another, showcasing the best beautiful blooms in everything from an elaborate bridal bouquet to simple cut flowers.

In conventional florist fields, pesticides and other toxic chemicals work to protect from aphids and other damaging pests. However, these same toxic pesticides can harm flower farmers and customers alike, causing headaches, rashes, or even worse reactions. Organic flowers like those from Désirée avoid this risk, sourcing only local flowers from organic farms in France, not imported from foreign greenhouses in distant countries like Ecuador.

Les Fleurs Sauvages

Need another organic bouquet or floral arrangement? Turn to Les Fleurs Savages, another local florist that transforms annuals and perennials into works of art. Dream up the beautiful combinations of flowers like dahlias, larkspur, daisies, and lilies, and you may just find that‘s exactly what they create on your behalf.

Led by Tonia, a graduate of l’Ecole des fleuristes de Paris, and Paul, this flower shop offers dried and fresh flowers for events, as well as arrangements of dried flowers, which are available in-store. Whether you want chrysanthemums and zinnias or sunflowers and asters, there’s a flower arrangement for any individual and every occasion.

Plein Air

If you prefer even more organic ingredients to your floral arrangements, why not visit Parisian flower farms like Plein Air? The first urban floral farm in the city, this space cultivates more than 200 types of flowers. And, unlike the average lawn or garden that grows heirloom seeds and bulbs with herbicides and toxic chemicals, this organic garden grows flower seeds with purity and sustainable farming principles in mind.

Plein Air hosts a small flower market each Saturday, showcasing their organic flower collections while highlighting their sustainable farming practices and organic flower garden. Whether you’re turning to Plein Air for a Valentine’s Day surprise or just some friendly flowers, an organic bouquet is perfect for any occasion.

L’Autre Thé

L’Autre Thé, or “the other tea,” is a French tea house that specializes in organic teas and infusions. Inspired by the loose leaf tea of Asia and its intricacies, Arnaud Dhénin and Benjamin Dubois have crafted a catalog of green teas, herbal teas, black teas, and the flavors, herbs, and spices you expect from loose leaf and tea bags alike.

Just like the flower explosion that makes up so much of organic Paris, there‘s a wide range of organic tea and tea mixes available at L’Autre Thé and similar tea shops. So, when you set out a tray for afternoon tea, you know you’re in for a treat. Are you someone who loves to drink tea? Then L’Autre Thé is a must-visit Paris destination.

Le Temple du thé

Like other organic tea shops through Paris, Le Temple du thé specializes in the best natural teas from small producers. From the basics of tea production through manufacturing, fermentation, and steps like drying and withering, Le Temple du thé offers green tea, white tea, black tea, and more.

Le Temple du thé uses plants and dried fruits, rooibos, herbs, and other organic ingredients to create curated tea blends that are sure to please. Whether you’re adding a box of tea to mother’s day flowers or you’re saying happy birthday with a carefully chosen fair trade tea, you’ll find a little bit of everything, including a tea type for any occasion. In addition, you’ll find traditional teaware, too, like Japanese teapots and teacup sets.


Naturally, an organic store like HéDONIE offers plenty of organic food, but that’s not all—you’ll find any number of other organic products, too. You’ll find organic vegetables and fruits, herbs and salads, and grocery store essentials, as well as everything else you could need to make the positive change of opting for organics.

From organic champagne and aperitifs to rice, bread, and gourmet products, HéDONIE offers a little bit of everything, conveniently in one healthy environment. Need vegan products for an upcoming dinner date? They’ve got you covered. Natural laundry detergent? Sure—your spigot will be thrilled with the scent of lavender.

Boulangerie Panifica

Boulangerie Panifica is one of the loveliest bakeries in Paris, complete with organic breads and natural ingredients. Owner and artisan baker François Brault even includes a variety of alternative non-GMO ingredients, including options for gluten-free visitors.

Brault once worked in technology and finance, but uncovered a family history of gastronomy that translated to this remarkable destination. From sweet pastries to savory quiche, there’s a great taste waiting for every craving.

Aux péchés normands

Artisan bakers Philippe and Maryse Conan and their team craft homemade baked goods and pastries in organic Paris, so it’s no surprise that the aroma wafting through the air draws visitors into the boulangerie.

From croissants and baguettes to sourdough loaves and sweet buns, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a wide variety of flavors from this patisserie. With each bite, you’ll feel a little more Parisian.

If you’re in Paris, you must take time to experience the organic attractions that make up the city. For instance, consider the organic florists who work through the City of Lights. Each flower shop uses only the best blooms, from baby’s breath to sweet peas. Whether you’re stashing honeysuckle and daffodils in a cylinder glass vase centerpiece or the idea of affordable wedding bouquets stuffed with pansies, peonies, and purple orchids, organic flowers make up a special part of Paris.

Organic tea, too, is a crucial aspect of organic Paris. From organic black tea and oolong to a caffeine-free herbal blend, Paris‘ organic tea brands offer a sip of the world of tea as seen through Parisian eyes. Choose some matcha or chai tea leaves, or grab an herbal flavor like hibiscus, ginger, turmeric, or cinnamon, if you’re not one for caffeine. Whether you’re searching for antioxidants and health benefits in your go-to organic tea blend or you’re enjoying the art of tea for the sole sake of being a tea lover, there are iced and hot tea options waiting for you from some of the best organic tea brands in Paris.

Or, you may simply treat yourself to a delicious Paris baguette. In any case, there may as well be a satisfaction guarantee when you set out to explore the organic treats that the city has to offer. You know you’ll find a great gift or delicious treat with natural ingredients of the highest quality. And, most importantly, you’ll know you’re getting the chance to enjoy something flavorful, beautiful, or both.