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City Guide: Enjoy Organic London

With the world making progress in recovering from COVID-19, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a visit to London. After all, we avoided travel, particularly in densely populated areas, until coronavirus cases decreased to more acceptable levels. Now, it’s about time we get the chance to stop online shopping for organic products and start searching in person.

Now, it’s a good thing to be able to shop the streets of London once again. But, what’s especially exciting is your continued focus on organic practices and ethical production. Initial clinical studies make it clear that, for the best overall performance and even better innovation, sustainable brand names, renewable energy, and reduced carbon emissions are the way to go.

On a personal level, even the most robust methods of habit purification and environmental protection can only do so much. Still, despite these disadvantages, you shouldn’t start using pesticides on your houseplants (especially since they’re associated with reduced fertility) and ignoring your compost pile. You may be just one shopper in the London marketplace, but you’re nevertheless making a difference—and those small steps add up to significant change.

So, when you set out for your first trip to London post-COVID-19, take time to make sure you’re doing so with sustainability front of mind. From your packing list to your dining out bucket list, you can take organic London by storm one point of interest at a time.

Pack Organic Essentials

When it comes to the fashion industry, your first thought will likely be of a great fit and seamless style, not organic material. However, organic basics and everyday women’s essentials alike can take advantage of the visionary use of sustainable materials.

Just like there’s no one universal size of humans, there’s no single organic material that makes a bra, underwear, or boxer shorts particularly excellent. Still, you can recognize a sign of a good pair of boxer shorts in high-quality materials like organic cotton or recycled nylon. Or, perhaps you turn to high-quality nylon for a great fit in activewear, fueling your daily adventures and creative projects as well as your organic basics.

So, as you pack your luggage for London, be it a day trip from another area of England or a week from your home in the United States, be sure to keep up your seamless style from undies to accessories. Simply order any essentials from your regular site and stock up on organic basics ahead of your trip. Best of all, you’ll still have plenty of eco-friendly fashion to enjoy long after you’ve left London.

Eat Eco-Friendly

Of course, there’s more to sustainability and travel than just packing the right bra, boxer shorts, or undies. At home, you throw those squeezed lime slices in the compost bin and opt for healthy plants like fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Just like in your clothing choices, there are plenty of organic alternatives, with none of the pesticides and the potential toxicity tainting otherwise healthy soil.

When it comes to food, the experts behind your organic basics find ways to rid the plants of pests, weeds, and other irritants without harming the food itself. So, when you seek out a restaurant’s online menu, look for those that keep pests and weeds off your plate—and do so without adding toxic pesticides to make you sick at the same time.

Order Ethically

At home or abroad, there’s a lot to think about when you browse an online store. Whether you’re ordering a Deliveroo dinner or scheduling curbside pickup from a shopping center, take time to research organic alternatives before swiping any debit cards. If you’re ordering tangible products, go beyond the payment options or return policy.

Have you actually read the company’s privacy policy or cookie policy? Do they use sustainable suppliers and shipping carriers? Or, if it’s more food you’re ordering, look into those pesticides and other toxic chemicals. As much as you don’t want pests in your food, you don’t want potential toxicity, either! Remember: an online purchase is more than just a data transfer. At the end of the day, it’s your show of support for a company and the ethics (or lack thereof) behind them.

Bring Sustainability Home

Unfortunately, potential toxicity isn’t limited to your food, clothing, or online shopping habits. It’s all too easy for those same chemicals to seep into other elements of your home. However, companies keep up customer retention by making eco-friendly choices, like cutting down pesticides as they keep weeds and pests away. Opting for those brands and their best organic products is just as impactful as saving an enormous amount of electricity or cutting your carbon footprint.

Your home is a space where you can enjoy everything from creative projects to sleep—through COVID-19, it even became a workspace. It makes sense that you’d want to make the most of it. Whether you’re setting up your new home in London or you’re taking items back to your house abroad, you can make eco-friendly choices in every area of your life.

You can’t single-handedly eliminate the world’s world’s carbon emissions, no matter how high-quality your compost pile seems to be. Similarly, no amount of renewable energy utilized by a single person can make the world an eco-friendly place. However, you can make strides towards an ideal sustainable future by making these kinds of changes.
Right now, we recognize risks of pesticides and potential toxic qualities, like reduced fertility and even links to cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions. It’s certainly realistic to imagine future clinical studies will reveal even more. From your current vantage point, you might not be able to make what seems to be a sustainable difference. But, while you travel through London or look back fondly on the trip, you can read a company’s privacy policy and background before making a purchase and know the sign of a good pair of boxer shorts that happen to be eco-friendly. From Trafalgar Square to Gatwick Airport, you can help make London and the world at large a better, more environmentally friendly place.