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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Pet

Pets are arguably one of the best additions to many people’s lives. For most pet owners, a furry friend isn’t just an animal, a pet is a valued member of their family. If you’ve been thinking of getting a pet of your own, but you’re on the fence, there are plenty of great reasons to finally get one. Keep reading to explore five of the best reasons to get yourself a pet.

1. They’re the best companions.


There’s a reason that so many people own pets. Nothing beats coming home and being greeted by your furry pal. Specifically, dogs are always excited to see their owners, even after a short absence. Usually, once you enter your home, their tail wags like crazy. They’re probably more excited to see you than many of your people’s friends are! Cats also make wonderful pets. You and your cat or dog can cuddle up on the couch for a movie, go for walks together, or even enjoy car rides. No matter the occasion, having a pet is like having a built-in best friend. Those snuggles can really turn a bad day around.

2. Having a pet boosts your mood.


You might assume that just your potential pet’s companionship is great. However, this companionship and relationship can also work as a generous boost to your mood. When you’re having a bad day, your pet is right there with you by your side. Many pets are emotionally attuned to their owners, so when you’re feeling down, they stick by your side. Just playing with your pup or kitten can boost your dopamine and serotonin levels. These are naturally occurring chemicals that help you feel happy and relaxed. Overall, adding a pet to your life is the perfect way to add a touch of love and happiness into your life.

3. Pet owners are healthier.


In addition to your assisting with your moods, pets help their owners stay active. When you have a dog, you have to let them outside. They also love to play and go for walks. As a potential pet parent, you’ll have to do these sorts of activities with them so that they stay happy and healthy. In turn, you’re also getting in physical activity that you wouldn’t if you didn’t have your pup. The CDC reports that owning a pet can increase your exercise and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

4. Pets help with specific disorders.


Pets are beneficial to everyone. However, many pets have the potential to be service animals or assistance animals. If you or one of your family members struggles with any anxiety disorders or depression, an animal is a perfect idea for them. You can train a dog to become an emotional support animal, (ESA) so that they’re prepared to assist effectively. There are also pre-trained service animals available if you or your loved ones are eligible.

5. Pets teach you responsibility.


One of the final, most important points to getting a pet are to show that you’re ready to take on the responsibility. It’s critical to understand that your pet will need to be cared for, mostly by having regular vet visits. While these trips to the vet are critical for your pet, the vet bills can be costly. When they go to the vet, they’re checked for many different illnesses and chronic conditions. Diagnostic tests performed by a veterinarian include those for heartworms and flea and tick-borne diseases. Veterinarians know which hereditary conditions to look out for in specific breeds. In addition to this critical information, checkups, tests, and vaccinations, your pet may still need emergency care at some point.

As a tip, you can utilize pet insurance to help give you peace of mind with these costs. Pet insurance works similarly to how your health insurance works. It is worth the peace of mind if anything goes wrong. However, just like your health insurance differs by company and coverage, pet insurers have different companies and coverage plans for your pet. You can choose a pet insurance policy with comprehensive coverage from insurance companies like Embrace Pet Insurance Agency or Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Your pet insurance coverage allows you to cut down the costs of preventative care and medication. This way, you can be excited about your new pet and all of the incredible benefits instead of being worried about finances.

All in all, a pet is the best pick for a best friend who will warm your heart and improve your life forever.