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5 Tips for Preparing for a Hot Night With Your Partner

Getting ready for a hot night with your partner doesn’t have to be intimidating by any stretch. Whether you’re a man or a woman, when sex is on the schedule, you probably overthink some of the most simple things that will make you look and feel comfortable and confident in the bedroom. That being said, as long as you take some basic steps and focus on staying true to yourself, you’re bound to have a night to remember. Read the tips below to get ready for a sexy night in with your partner.

1. Start with basic hygiene.

It might seem simple, but this step is often crucial. Do your basic morning routine when you get ready for the day, but amp it up! Take your time while shaving or washing in the shower as well, so you can begin to relax your mind for the evening that lies ahead.

Think about places on your body that might be getting extra attention from your partner and focus on those for this step.

2. Get your skin glowing.

One step to add to your existing skincare routine is the addition of some natural supplements that will give you healthy, luminous skin. Taking natural supplements each day, such as those designed by Phytage Laboratories, can help you attain healthier skin while also addressing other deficiencies or health problems.

For example, their anti-aging supplement, Phytage Plus, uses plant-based ceramides (one of the main parts of your epidermis) to boost your ceramide levels by replacing those you’ve lost as you’ve aged. When it comes to skincare supplements, this little capsule is like having a facelift without the plastic surgery!

3. Dress up.

Whether you’re the type of woman to get dolled up in sexy lingerie or prefer to keep it simple with good old fashioned nudity, it’s important to look your best so you feel your best. Many women are often intimidated by lingerie, but what’s important is to find some lingerie that makes you feel great about the way you look. If you don’t feel sexy wearing lace, then go back to the basics like a matching bra and panty set in a bold red color. It’s far more important that you don’t feel confused by an overcomplicated garment that isn’t your style.

4. Take your makeup the extra mile.


The finishing touch before you go out for the evening (or head straight to the bedroom!) is to ensure that your makeup is “on fleek.” It’s hard for any man or woman to resist a well-put-together face, and with the right makeup, you’ll definitely be able to take the attraction up a few levels. To really make your eyes pop, consider purchasing an eyelash kit. Glamnetic is one of the leading providers of accessories for natural lessons as well as magnetic lashes, which many people love because they’re so easy to apply. Some of Glamnetic’s eyelash kits even come with matching nails to really complete the look.

5. Flirt!

One of the best parts about sex is the anticipation, so don’t forget to start flirting early and often. If you know you and your partner have special plans in the evening, send them a sexy text or two while you’re at work. You might even try and touch them more than often if you’re heading out to dinner, or on the way home while you share an Uber. Think of flirting as the foreplay that comes before the foreplay. By getting your partner in the right frame of mind ahead of time, you’re certain to have an evening full of mind-blowing sex. Have fun!