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Big-Ticket Items That Are Worth the Money

In unconventional times in the middle of a global pandemic, many people are doing all they can to save money in case of an emergency or job loss. That being said, there are some areas where saving money’s not in your best interest. Whether it’s investing in luxury items for mental well-being or items of necessity like a new home and a reliable vehicle, the following are areas where you’ll want to still spend money.

Luxury Items and Mental Health


While some might argue that luxury items aren’t where money should go in the middle of a pandemic, there’s an argument to be made for mental health and overall wellbeing. In a time period where social distancing and restrictions are the norms, it’s easy to fall into a depression. Finding ways to spoil yourself or your partner can go a long way in making it through another month or months of lockdowns. In this way, investing in luxury items like Patek Philippe watches is actually investing in yourself.

A few similar luxury items to consider include a pocket watch, stainless steel retro clock, or even moon phase timepiece. It may be that checking the time on a luxury, platinum Patek Philippe timepiece will remind you that the world isn’t ending. Whatever helps you to get through these difficult times could be just enough to bring a little reprieve to you or your partner’s life.

Real Estate and Homes


Few would disagree that our homes matter. If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of having a roof over our heads and a place to stay safe from outside threats. Maybe you’ve been interested in something like how to buy a house before selling your current home. If this is the case, you already realize that homes are a big-ticket item never to skimp on. For you, becoming a real estate investor or giving other people a safe place to stay at night might be a top priority.

Right now, in a seller’s market, how you spend money on real estate will be important. From the sale of your home to acquiring another new property, you’re bound to make out big with the right property in this real estate market. Be sure to take time with your house hunt. Whether it’s a dream house you’re hoping for or you just want to capitalize on the current competitive market, doing your research ahead of time will make your new place pay off.

For the average homeowner, though, spending money on big-ticket home repair items like heating and cooling services is something else you won’t want to skimp on. If you’re in your first home or have just started with house payments, pay particular attention to anything that needs immediate fixing. If you have enough cash saved, it’s worth spending the money now to save down the road.

Vehicles and Transportation


For most people, our cars and other vehicles are how we get to work. Without them, it would be more challenging to maintain our incomes. Especially for those who live in rural areas without the option of public transportation, vehicles are important to help us in our daily life. For this reason, it’s important to be willing to spend the money on vehicle repairs, registrations, fees, and more. Having reliable transportation is the first step in overall security.

Maybe you sell rental properties or private mortgage insurance but aren’t able to work remotely. Perhaps you invest in old homes. No matter what your current occupation, it’ll be easier to conduct business with a reliable vehicle. The best way to ensure your transportation remains reliable is with a new purchase or staying on top of those car repairs.

In the end, how you spend your money and manage your finances is up to you. By investing in big-ticket items that will last, you could actually save yourself money in the long run. Taking regular inventory of your financial decisions and looking for opportunities to consolidate, lower monthly payments, or refinance can help the bigger picture, too.