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Breast Size and Back Pain: 5 Tips for Relief

Manipulating your daily life with large breasts can be a bit of a challenge for many women. Most contemporary fashion does not compliment a bigger chest so finding the perfect outfit can be difficult. Not to mention the extra strain the weight puts on your back.

No matter what your breast size, many women at some point in their lives find any extra weight hard to handle. But large breasts are not always what they are hyped up to be in the media. To paint the full picture, a D-cup breast can weigh between 16-24 pounds which are carried around your rib cage and back.

It’s not easy to hold up big boobs all day, which also makes a woman more likely to slump over. Slumping forward only encourages your head to extend which is a major root cause of back pain. In fact, according to a Japanese study, women who have larger breasts will most likely have continued tension within their lower back. If you’re experiencing breast-size-related back pain, here are a few things you can do to ease the pain.

1. Get regular exercise.

While everyone knows that it’s in your best interest to exercise in general, it’s also an even better idea if you have larger breasts. Exercising will improve your posture which in turn should alleviate some pain. The key is to have a strong upper and lower back. Back exercises are a great way to strengthen your spine while keeping your shoulders straight and chest lifted instead of staying in a slouching position. The overall goal of any upper and lower back exercise is to pull your body into a more anatomically correct position.

2. Lift those weights.

Don’t let the weights section of the gym intimidate you. Lifting weights is an excellent way to strengthen your back, core, and shoulders especially if you suffer from back pain caused by large boobs. You’ll not only tone your muscles but also improve your balance and help increase your bone density. Again, if you suffer from back pain you may want to look into purchasing a weightlifting belt.

3. Find the perfect bra.

Finding the right bra that fits you perfectly is every woman’s dream. If you’re having trouble determining the correct size of your breasts, a minimizer bra may be the right choice for you. After all, the goal of a bra is to minimize your bust, and this type of bra does exactly that by helping your breasts look smaller without compromising the natural shape. You’ll also get the comfort of a regular bra but with the compression of a sports bra. A wrong-sized bra can create many problems for your body, causing long-term physical effects such as postural disorders that can cause you to slump forward, giving you a rounded hump. Studies show that a staggering 80% of women wear the wrong size bra which can hugely contribute to your aches and pains.

4. Use CBD oil to relieve your back pain.

Using CBD oil can relieve the tension in your back caused by having larger sized breasts. CBD oil 1000mg is a natural and holistic option to use for pain relief. CBD oil is said to help with inflammation which often links to back pain caused by big boobs. Using oil or topical cream can also help combat anxiety caused by the pain. CBD oil is also known to help regulate your sleep and improve your overall sense of relaxation.

5. Lose Weight

This is only a necessity if your doctor has told you that you are overweight. Carrying around excessive weight is not good for anybody let alone a woman who has bigger boobs. Reaching a healthy weight will make both your frame and breasts lighter, which can relieve needless tension and chronic back and neck pain. You’ll also feel healthier overall which will give you more energy to exercise which in turn will allow you to feel well-rested.