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How to Live a More Organic Lifestyle

Looking to jump on the hippie bandwagon and enjoy the simpler things life and nature have to offer but don’t know where to start? Fret not— here are some easy ways for you to get started living a more organic lifestyle.

When you’re feeling stressed or want to relax, give CBD a shot.


When the days feel particularly long, a CBD rich hemp flower might do the trick to putting your mind at ease. While the CBD trend has just started to bloom in the United States, people have been enjoying the relaxation benefits of CBD extract for generations. If you are looking for a new, great way to relax but don’t want to get high, you’ll want to try one of the best hemp flower growers from Plain Jane.


Available exclusively at Plain Jane, you can get the best CBD hemp flower on the market. Plain Jane offers 20 different strains of CBD that are substantially sourced from 12 small farms and offer the highest CBD to THC ratio possible. If you prefer to grind the buds and roll them into a cigarette or smoke them into a bowl, this budtender offers options that even the most veteran organic smoker will enjoy to the total newbie alike. No matter your preference, smoking or vaporizing, you can enjoy hemp flowers for ultimate relaxation.

Additionally, you will not have to worry about harmful chemicals or addictive agents like you would if you smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes. For a more organic way of relaxing, you will want to try Plain Jane’s hemp flowers. If you’re wanting to get straight to relaxing, try Plain Jane’s prerolled cigarettes. This budtender also offers fully potent CBD oils you can hold under your tongue before swallowing for instant relaxation. This top-shelf hemp flower is a pleasure to use, no matter what your experience or skill level is. Don’t know what to try? Order Plain Jane’s best-seller, Sour Space Candy, and get to relaxing.

Get a plant friend.


Building an in-home jungle is more beneficial than just looking beautiful. Surrounding yourself in plants not only creates a sanctuary but can improve your concentration, productivity (by 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood. With each new plant you add to your home, you will notice your health and overall happiness improving. Add plants to your office or desk at work and enjoy the mood-boosting effects all day long. How do plants act as little miracle workers? Plants “breath” in the exact opposite way that we do. In contrast, we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, our plant friend’s breath in our CO2 and exhale oxygen for us. It turns out that millennial with all the succulents is on to something!

If you are looking for some beautiful plants, but find your local nurseries are a bit to be desired, turn to the internet. has fantastic, beautiful, healthy plants for sale. The best feature of this plant seller’s website is it ranks plants on how easy they are to take care of. Total beginner to plants? They have options for you. Veteran green thumb? They have plants for you too. A cult favorite on plant parents is the tropical plant: the Fabian Stump. This curvy stump brings an unusual, quirky character to your home. Set in bright, indirect light and water a couple of times a week, and this container plant baby will grow up to 4 feet tall. Now, that’s a healthy friend. These unique plants are home to the Pacific Islands and have green leaves on the top and purple on the bottom. This plant is excellent for beginner plant parents, but no one will be the wiser of your green thumb with this shrub.


Shop organic at the grocery store.


One of the easiest ways to live an organic lifestyle is to start at the grocery store. While this may seem daunting as organic fruits and vegetables often cost slightly more, there are ways to shop organic on a budget. For instance, if you shop local and in-season produce, your bill is likely to be lower. You can also purchase frozen organic items for a lesser price. While the nutritional benefits of organic to conventional produce are about the same, the organic counterpart will have been in contact with less synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which may be harmful to our long term health.