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How to Pick Better Pre-Roll Packaging

Too many dispensaries will focus on developing a high-quality product instead of focusing on the whole user experience. As such, things like sub-par packaging can ruin how your customers see your brand. But when it comes to pre-rolls, does it really matter? Absolutely! If you’ve been hesitant to switch to better packaging for your joints, here’s why you should and a few helpful tips on sourcing better pre-roll packaging for your cones and wraps.

Why does the type of packaging I choose play a role in how others view my brand?


Imagine this: you’ve just purchased a pre-roll joint from a dispensary known for its high-quality products. You get into the car, sit your stuff down, and get home. You open up your bag only to find that your container has been crushed, your pre-roll joints have been ruined, and you can’t do much with the items you bought except to try to salvage the remaining bud inside. It’s important to remember that you should be focusing on the customer experience, which starts from the moment they enter your store until they’ve gotten home to test out your products. With this in mind, you can see why the materials you use to house your products are so important to your cannabis brand. But how are you supposed to upgrade your pre-roll packaging?

What should you be looking for in high-quality packaging for your custom cones and wraps?


There are numerous qualities that you should be looking for in high-quality pre roll packaging for your smoke shop. However, it’s important to see all of these qualities at a glance so that you can find the right vendor to provide you with the pre-roll joint boxes you need. Some of the most important qualities include:

  • Durability: Nothing is worse than going to reach for your joint, only to find that the plastic tube has been broken while it was in your pocket. Your packaging should be durable enough to keep your pre-rolled joints protected from external pressure and any other common damage it may encounter along the way.
  • Child-Proof Design: Most responsible marijuana smokers will know to have a stash box, but they may still leave their joint tubes out for a moment while they’re putting things away. In a quick second, a child can have the tube open and begin playing with the cannabis. Great product packaging will offer a child-proof design to keep children out in the event that they do get their hands on your joints. Put simply, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Eco-Friendly: Being eco-conscious isn’t something that all business owners think about, but it can go a long way in improving your brand image. Additionally, it helps you reduce your carbon footprint, makes it easier for your customers to dispose of their waste responsibly, and can help you save money over the long run.
  • Size-Appropriate: There’s no one size fits all for joints and blunts. If you try to squeeze a blunt into a joint tube, you’ll likely discover that it’s ruining your product in the process. Always look for size-appropriate tubes for all of the products in your store.

Once you find a brand that embodies all of the qualities listed above, it’s just a matter of making the switch!

In our desire to produce the best cannabis products possible, we may often overlook the packaging that keeps it safe. If you want to ensure that your customers are in love with every aspect of your business so you can develop a greater brand image, use the guide above to source the right packaging for every cone and wrap that you fill.