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Natural Ways To Benefit the Planet and Your Health

Eating well and prioritizing your overall health is non-negotiable for your own life, you should also strive to have a positive effect on the next generation’s future. There’s a thin line between health and sustainability, and it’s essential to ensure your way of life and health purposes don’t put the planet at risk. Here are a few ways to naturally benefit the planet and your health.

Try Plant-Based Medicine


Plant-based medicine has existed long before science’s first discovery. Many Asian countries have held on to plant-based medicinal cultures. This includes the Ayurvedic tradition of India and Chinese herbal medicine. Popular traditional options like medicinal mushrooms may be new to Western medicine, but they’ve been around for thousands of years, providing immune support and other health benefits for numerous patients.

Each mushroom has unique therapeutic effects, and you can find these fungi in many forms, including raw, dry, and as a powder. The powdered form makes it convenient to add a spoonful to different meal types, from smoothies to your morning cup of tea. Generally, plant-based medicine has been widely accepted as a sustainable way to boost immunity and manage other health treatments.

Ditch Single-Use Plastic

Plastic packaging has grown in adoption as global sales volumes increase. However, the call for a sustainable world gradually exposes the various harms associated with single-use plastic, which takes up to 500 years to decompose, depending on the material and manufacturing process. Indiscriminate disposal of plastics can contribute to toxic chemicals and public hazards, polluting the air. Solid waste management studies reveal that about 8 million tons of waste escape into the oceans each year, killing sea creatures and causing some to go extinct.

Apart from the environmental pollution effects, chemical additives used in the plastic packaging process can seep into food and water, causing endocrine disruption. This pollution can lead to cancer, children’s congenital disabilities, and many immune system issues.

The good news is that many businesses opt for using clean packaging options like those offered by Earthwise Packaging. The company uses a carbon-neutral alternative to plastics branded as BioMax. You’ll find various types of packaging options made of plant-based materials, from bottles to jars.

Check Your Diet


Due to the increase in foreign imports, there’s a huge chance that your food has spent several weeks in transit before reaching your vendor, hence the importance of eating fresh foods rather than stale and over-processed options. Organic foods have several health benefits, saving you from pesticides and other chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment and your health.

If purchasing organic food is too expensive, you can always try gardening. You’ll enjoy fresh organic foods that don’t require any transportation. Tilling the ground can also be a refreshing experience for you and your family.

Use Plants

The impact of plants and flowers on human health is unmatched. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, planting trees in your yard can reduce air conditioning costs by providing shade. Plants rid your home environment of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants and can also help reduce the symptoms of neurological disorders.

For homeowners, plants can also provide them with a unique curb appeal, increasing the home’s resale value on the housing market. Furthermore, many business leaders have become more aware of these benefits and are now greening their offices. Health experts reveal that indoor plants can improve moods and reduce susceptibility to depression, making a home tree-planting culture an essential exercise to preserve the environment and your health.

All in all, navigating the world after the COVID-19 pandemic requires more awareness about human and environmental health. These tips can help you fight the good fight for environmental sustainability and keep a healthy life.