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The Best Housewarming Gifts of 2021

The global pandemic taught us just how important our homes are. It’s also inspired huge changes in the real estate market that mean many people are moving and changing their lifestyles. Whether you or someone you know is moving to chase low-interest rates or capitalize on a seller’s market, many people are now settling into new homes as the pandemic begins to wind down. If you’re considering a housewarming gift for yourself or someone you know, there are some great products you could give that would serve as a special touch for the new home. To learn more about the top housewarming gifts for 2021, read on.

Personalized Products for Home


Home should be about comfort and warmth. Our homes are the place we retreat to so that we can refresh, relax, and feel safe. For this reason, a great housewarming gift can be a personalized product that adds warmth to a home. For example, Shutterfly has the option of print-on-demand products like mugs, blankets, bath towels, pillows, and more. You could put a favorite picture on fabric and sew it into a quilt or even order bathroom towels with monogrammed initials.

With so many people moving during or due to the pandemic, a personal gift like an initial for the front door or personalized welcome mat is a fantastic way to support the people you love. When thinking about what to buy friends and family for their homes, don’t forget about accessories you can personalize, and your gift will be sure to be loved.

Travel During Renovations or Moves


Many people are in transition right now. Some people are in the midst of big renovations after receiving surplus money in the United States. Others are moving to be closer to family or because of their new ability to work remotely. For some, it means a gap between the time they sell their house and buy a new one. For friends and family enjoying the comforts of furnished houses for rent in luxury apartment complexes, a great housewarming gift could be a wool blanket, fleece bedspread, new throw, or cotton blanket. In sending items that remind your friends or family of warmth, you’ll be bringing the same into their new or rented homes.

Backyard Furniture and Outdoor Items


The pandemic has made many new and old homeowners rethink our backyard and outdoor spaces. A great way to hold small gatherings safely, more people than ever are buying up outdoor furniture and accessories as a way to get together in the short term. If you know people who enjoy barbecues and will make great use of their outdoor space for birthday parties and more, consider this when picking out a housewarming gift.

Outdoor furniture, screens, outdoor blinds, gardening tools, signs, and gear for a great cookout could all make fantastic housewarming gifts for anyone who owns a home. If you have friends or family who moved to new rental property, they might be able to use these items, too. Find out about their landlord’s rules and consider a gift that brings them closer to Mother Nature at home.

After an unconventional year and in the middle of a global pandemic, we already know how important our homes are. Whether it’s celebrating a home by sending a personalized bed blanket or other product or spending some extra money on backyard decor, it’s important to put a little extra thought into each other’s home. If you know that a friend or family member recently moved due to current events, a great way to stay connected to them and let them know you miss them is to send a housewarming gift. Not only will it be appreciated, but it will help you feel more connected to them during these uncertain times, too.