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Why Some Restaurants Invest in Storage Units

When you think of a self-storage unit, you’re probably thinking of someone moving or someone who has run out of space to store all of their stuff in the garage and basement. The truth is small businesses are finding storage facilities to be an asset to help their operations run smoothly. This is especially true for the restaurant industry since restaurants try to utilize their space to the best of their ability, but often need a little more room to get things done. Here are just a few reasons why many choose storage units.

Keeping Track of Inventory


It’s important to consider the thousands of items that any restaurant needs to run smoothly including chairs, tables, pots, pans, cutlery, and the list goes on. The truth is having too much clogging up your venue can lead to hidden dangers in the kitchen and in the front of the house. With all the supplies and ingredients needed, it may be necessary to have extra storage for restaurant equipment Seattle.

It’s important to create an inventory list to keep track of any older refrigerators, tables, or other restaurant supplies that may not be of use to your company right now. This will also help you prepare for any purchases that need to be made. Having this inventory list will help you better assess what size of storage unit your restaurant may need.

Convenient Location


Organization of your storage unit and quick access is paramount to any business. If you need to pick up glassware or dinnerware before a big brunch service, it will help to have the items nearby that you may be able to have an employee drive to get without searching high and low for hours. Picking a storage unit en route to your restaurant may be in the best interest of a small business owner as well.

Consider picking self-storage for your restaurant like you would when you’re moving. You want something in proximity to your new home or temporary place of residence. For example, when you weigh the benefits of moving to Atlanta, weigh the pros and cons of where you want to set up shop. Consider the best for locals or the attractions that may draw the most people, such as professional sports teams like the Braves and Hawks. Be sure to also consider other popular destinations in the downtown area.

Seasonal Storage


Restaurant owners love to capitalize on warm weather by creating outdoor seating areas. This option has become even more popular due to restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants that purchased heating lamps to get through the winter may need to move those out in the summer, and a storage unit is a perfect solution.

Keeping these seasonal belongings stored safely can be an asset to any neighborhood restaurant, especially in a walkable neighborhood where that outdoor space may be taking up real estate. This can keep restaurant equipment safe at all times at an affordable price for a proper size self-storage unit. The good news is that major cities in the U.S. have plenty of opportunities for storage, and facilities welcome newcomers into the fold.

Climate Control Capabilities


Believe it or not, some climate-control units are actually designed to install refrigerators and hold some food inventory for restaurants. This allows venues easy access to their groceries or other perishables when they need it, especially when they are short on space in the kitchen or elsewhere in the restaurant.

Be sure in your research to make clear that this may be something your restaurant would like to do, as some storage centers do not approve of this. Suffice it to say, this can help make that extra space your own. Just keep it organized, and make sure that, as your waiter or chef, it’s working for you.